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Why A Seasonal Reset Is For You!

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Brain fog? Imbalanced digestion? Skin issues?

You probably need a reset!

I am thrilled to announce that Cat Elumba & I are hosting a Summer Vitality Seasonal Reset June 12-16, 2023. Join us for a 5-day virtual group coaching program where we implement simple, seasonal, sustainable solutions to manage your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. Come recharge & refuel your body each season together in community. Our programs are designed to support natural detoxification processes while nourishing your body and will give you insight into sustainable health choices to bring back your energy and clear your mind. We take a whole foods approach that focuses on cooking your own meals along with lifestyle suggestions, Good To The Bone Bone Broth, Freshly Rooted Tribe Sea Moss and authentic support.

We now ship the broth & sea moss so anyone within The United States can join.

Cat & I recorded a podcast episode that dives deep into our health journeys and background, why we do what we do, what you receive in our seasonal reset programs and the benefits of a reset.

Tune into Go Play in the Dirt Episode 20 Why A Seasonal Reset Is For You.

In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Cat & Lauren’s journey in the world of holistic health

  • How Cat started hosting reset programs

  • Benefits of a reset

  • What you receive in the Summer Vitality 5-Day Group Coaching Program

  • The importance of seasonal eating

  • Benefits of Good To The Bone Bone Broth

  • Benefits of Freshly Rooted Tribe’s Sea Moss

  • How to sign up for our Summer Vitality program

Here is what people are saying from our New Year's Reset in Feb 2022.


  • Spring Vitality Group Coaching Program

  • YouTube: Benefits Of A Seasonal Reset

  • Good To The Bone

  • Freshly Rooted Tribe

Connect with Catherine Elumba:

  • Website

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

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