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Go Play in the Dirt Podcast

We need to reset in order to regain control of our minds and bodies. But how do we reset our minds and bodies?


Good thing, Catherine Elumba and I have a surprise for you! We are hosting a reset program that encourages you to revitalize your body and stimulate a clear mind.

Learn more about the reset program by listening to the whole episode.

Gut Health Podcast

My guest today is Morgan Lewis, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher, and believer in wellness. Morgan shares how she navigated chronic gut issues, bloating, and IBS diagnosis, and a recent Lyme diagnosis.

Tune in to learn how to support your gut and reclaim your health.

Movement and Hydration Podcast

Movement & hydration are two major components of overall health that you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine today. My guest today is Michele Riechman, a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, and health coach with a doctorate in physical therapy.


Tune in as we exchange stories and tips on starting your own exercise routine that fits your needs and why hydration remains essential in maintaining one’s overall health.

Go Play in the Dirt Podcast

I am here to tell you to forget your New Year's Resolutions. What are your New Year's Intentions? A resolution ties you to the future with no clear path forward while an intention grounds you in the present. If you want to reclaim your power, start by being intentional. 


Listen as Cat and I reflect on the year that is about to end and talk about an announcement of a huge collaboration.

Kids in the Kitchen Podcast

This episode is a fun one. I worked with my brother and we created a remix of the holiday classic The 12 Days of Christmas - I present to you, for the holiday season of 2022, The 12 Days of Kids Cooking. ‘Tis the season for some big kid energy.


Tune in as Will and I channel our inner kids as we create a rendition of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Food and Mood Podcast

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Butterflies in your stomach? An immediate instinct? The way our bodies give us clues is truly a work of art.


Listen as I outline 7 specific foods to help support your mood.

Seasonal Eating Podcast

In this episode I share my #1 tip for optimal health: eat seasonally. Choosing in-season produce has numerous health benefits and supports your local community, environment, and economy.


Listen as share my #1 tip for optimal health.

Intuitive Eating Podcast

My guest today is Kiki Athanas, who helps people conquer emotional eating and practice healthy, balanced eating with consistency and ease - even in the face of life’s challenges.

Tune in to learn more about ways to support your body through intuitive eating.

Metabolism Podcast

David Bennett’s story is the epitome of “paying it forward”. He shares his incredible journey of dealing with a health emergency and how he took a functional medicine approach to balancing his metabolism by using diet and lifestyle.

Listen as David shares the methods and skills he used to overcome his own weight and health issues to achieve metabolic freedom.

Hormone Balance Podcast

Anastasiia De La Cruz, certified holistic nutritionist & infertility survivor, joins me in this episode to discuss hormones, their many functions and simple ways to nourish and balance hormones using diet and lifestyle practices.


Listen as Anastasia shares ways to move from tired & wired to nourished & relaxed to support hormone health. 

Financial Tips Podcast

Like it or not, one of life’s biggest stressors is money. Financial stress affects everyone. Let’s face it—we cannot attain overall wellness when our finances are not healthy, too. I brought on one of my favorite people to talk about financial fitness  Chief Financial Officer Anna Bryson.


Listen as Anna Bryson talks about small and sustainable ways to help us find our road toward financial health.

Go Play in the Dirt Podcast

In this episode, my friend KJ dropped by the pod to hang out with me and ask questions about my journey in the holistic health space, thoughts on biodiversity and the inspiration behind Go Play in the Dirt.


Listen as I share my story and thoughts on biodiversity and its role in our overall health and nutrition.

Beauty Foods Podcast

Jessica Rose, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Licensed Cosmetologist, and Beauty Expert, educates us on ways to get glowing, vibrant skin from within by using food and lifestyle methods.


Listen as she breaks down simple, tangible tips on how to take your health and skin into your own hands.

Mental Health Podcast

Storyteller, podcaster, and psychotherapist Kimberly Jane Nasrul, or KJ as her friends and family call her, is a believer in storytelling, the arts, and creativity as means to maintain mental wellness.


Listen as KJ and I talk about the need to go play in the dirt.

Thyroid Health Podcast

Today, Divya Gupta, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, shines light on thyroid health and ignites flames of inspiration through sharing her journey into both becoming a Holistic Nutrition practitioner and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

Listen to learn more about ways to support the health of your thyroid. 

Soil Health Podcast

In today’s episode, I focus on educating listeners on the simple ways we can contribute to our soil regeneration. We need to work with nature, not against it. In order to save our soil, and life on earth, we must take responsibility for the health of our soil.

Listen as I talk about the role that soil plays in the overall ecosystem and how healthy soil is key for food security.

Gut Health Podcast

In this episode, Ellen Roufs joins me to dive deep into gut health. We chat about learning to balance the microbiome and empowering others to understand the beautiful relationships between their body and food.


Listen as Ellen Roufs looks at the study of Microbiome with fresh new lens that will enrich minds and soothe the gut.

Equality and Diversity Podcast

True to the podcast’s mission, we chat with Shalonda Ingram, a placemaker, strategist, and producer, who will walk us through the depths of grassroots activism and how acknowledging one anothers heritage, experience and diversity becomes a holding space for collective healing to occur.


Listen as Shalonda talks about Biodiversity of ancient wisdom and evolution.

Curb Sugar Cravings Podcast

In this episode, Netta Gorman, a self-confessed sweet tooth and dessert queen, recounts how she finally realized that the root cause of her long list of health problems is because of sugar.


Tune in as she narrates how she found a healthier relationship with food and herself.

Immune Support Podcast

In our conversation, Dr. B discusses how compromised our food systems have become and why there is such a great need to go back and play in the dirt, produce and eat local, community-based food.


Listen as Dr. B and I talk about why there is such a great need to play in the dirt.

How to Read a Food Label Podcast

Mira Dessy’s story of discovering holistic nutrition is a tale so familiar to me. It’s a parallel story of going through a health crisis, having doctors over-prescribe medications but never getting the answers to what’s wrong with our bodies—until we personally sought out the solutions and slowly regained our health.


Know more about Mira's story.

Autoimmune Gastritis Podcast

The greatest gift you can give somebody is your story, so I decided to share mine.

In this inaugural episode, I dive deep into my personal healing journey and how I manage my autoimmune condition using diet and lifestyle practices. 


Listen to learn more.

Time to Go Play

Go Play in the Dirt is a health and wellness podcast that focuses on the importance of biodiversity and its impact on our gut, overall health, soil and community.


Go Play in the Dirt features Lauren Bryson's personal healing journey and practices, as well as interviews with doctors, healers, rebels and more.


Want to be a guest on GPITD? Sign up now!

Thanks for your interest to be a guest on the show.

Now, go play!

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