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Meet The Team

Seasonal Reset Programs

Join us for 5-day virtual group coaching programs where we implement simple, seasonal, sustainable solutions to manage your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. Come recharge & refuel your body each season together in community. Our programs are designed to support natural detoxification processes while nourishing your body and will give you insight into sustainable health choices to bring back your energy, support restful sleep and clear your mind. We take a whole foods approach that focuses on cooking your own meals along with lifestyle suggestions and authentic support. 

Immune System Reboot
Oct 23 - 27, 2023

Come support your immune system, boost your energy, clear your mind and reset your digestion together in community with our Fall Flow Up Group Coaching Program.


Group Coaching Program
Herbs and Spices

You Receive

5 Day Meal & Lifestyle Plan

Custom Seasonal Recipes 

Grocery Shopping List 

Lifestyle Suggestions

1 Jar of Good to The Bone Broth

(Just Heat & Drink -Vegan Options Available)

1 Jar of Freshly Rooted Tribe Sea Moss 

Create Your Own Immune Supportive Tonic Video

Morning Movement Video

Nutrition & Lifestyle Education 

Morning Motivation & Authentic Support 

Live Cooking Class

Check In / Support Meetings

Private WhatsApp Group

Community & Connection 

Investment $285

Meet The Team

Lauren Bryson Functional Nutrition

Lauren Bryson, BCHN, NC, RWS-1

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Lauren is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, a health coach, kids cooking instructor, podcast host and group facilitator. She specializes in gut health, the microbiome, gut brain connection & autoimmunity. Gut health is foundational to your overall health - you are not what you eat, you are what you digest! 

Cat Elumba Holistic Nutrition

Cat Elumba, NC, CMT

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Cat is a certified massage therapist, health coach, kids cooking instructor & group facilitator. She is the founder of Good To The Bone Bone Broth which is available for purchase and used in our seasonal resets. Cat believes deeply in the power of seasonal food and lifestyle choices. 


"Cat & Lauren are an amazing duo! The group setting truly inspired and motivated me to meet my goals: learn how to eat healthier and develop healthy habits when it comes to choosing the foods that will fuel my body. 


I reached my goals, learned how to listen to my body and give it the nourishment she needs. I look forward to doing this again in the spring!"

 - K.R., New Year's Reset Client

"Lauren & Cat were great to work with, very accessible & approachable! If you are going to do a reset program, I highly recommend joining these ladies. The recipes & homemade

broths are absolutely delicious. You have amazing cheerleaders with Lauren & Cat by your side. My biggest takeaways

were that I can enjoy a fully plant based meal and still feel full and content afterwards."

— Y.T., New Year's Reset Client

"Working with Cat and Lauren was a dream. Both women are so knowledgeable, strong and inspiring! They both showed

up in a big way to lead us on this journey, providing support

and always available to

answer any questions or concerns. I absolutely would recommend a future Seasonal Reset to all of my friends and family. The information I gained is life changing and it would be a gift for anyone to receive."

- C.R., New Year's Reset Client

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