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Holistic Nutrition

Meet Lauren Bryson, NC

Holistic Nutritionist

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College and a professional background in the non-profit sector, Lauren’s underlying mission in life has always been to help people. Lauren has a Nutrition Consultant Certification from Bauman College and leads a holistic lifestyle. She discovered the world of holistic healing during her own personal health crisis. She has first hand experience with healing imbalances within the body, specifically the gut, and now manages her autoimmune condition using nutrition and lifestyle practices. Lauren is also a wellness facilitator with Bauman Wellness and teaches Affordable Nutrition classes that focus on how to eat healthy on a budget. She also teaches kids cooking classes with Kids Cooking for Life and believes in the power of education at a young age.

Lauren's goal as a holistic nutritionist is to authentically educate and empower her clients towards health and healing from a whole-person perspective. She believes in the Eating for Health model which emphasizes real, nutrient dense foods. She specializes in digestive wellness, the microbiome, autoimmune conditions and gut-brain connection. Lauren is a proud member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)


Why A Holistic Approach?

"All disease begins in the gut"


Herbs and Spices

I view health and healing from a natural, whole person perspective.  Yes, it is all connected! As a holistic nutritionist I understand the therapeutic value of real, nutrient dense food and also recognize the impact that environment, stress and mindset have on overall health.

I recognize there is no “one size fits all” approach to holistic health and honor each clients bio-individuality.  When working together you will receive a personalized plan that addresses YOUR overall health & wellness to help you achieve your goals.

My main focus is on gut health, which is foundational to your overall health. You are not what you eat, you are what you digest! 

Specialties Include
Digestive Wellness
Autoimmune Conditions
The Microbiome
Gut-Brain Connection
(how food affects your mood)


"Lauren takes a holistic approach to her craft that makes her methods more effective and relatable than many other professionals I've worked with before. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very approachable and listens to your needs and goals before helping you set off on a plan for success. She is a key part of my journey toward better health and a more fulfilling life. ”

— S.S, Senior Corporate Executive, 1:1 client